• 2013

    We started Ahimsa with the unique purpose of bringing high-quality shoes to the vegan market.

  • Mundo

    Today, you can find Ahimsa products all over the world.

  • Trajetória

    This did not represent a change to our values, and it also did not mean we made a 180° turn from our beginnings. It was merely a course correction to our trajectory.

  • Visual

    We want to prove that the use of animal leather is completely unnecessary, including for its visual appeal.

  • Fábrica

    In 2014, we became the only 100% vegan shoe factory in the world.

  • Vegan Leather

    We introduced the Vegan Leather to our collection in 2016, to meet the needs of vegan clients in professional environments and create more inclusive products.

  • Poliuretano

    Our Vegan Leather is made out of Polyurethane (PU), a material that is largely used on the market and it is becoming more and more sustainable.