Eco Simple

EcoSimple was founded in 2010 and uses discarded textiles and recycled PET bottles as raw materials for the production of their fabric. The leftovers are collected from textile industries and sent to cooperatives, where they separate the fabric by color. Then, the material is recycled, weaved and wired with the recycled PET residues.


The fabric colors comes from its previous life, so no dyes, chemical products or water are used. About 480 kilograms of textile waste and 8 recycled PET bottles, are removed from the environment on every 1 linear meter of EcoSimple fabrics.

With the purpose of making vegan shoes in a sustainable way and to inspire conscious attitudes, here at Ahimsa you can find EcoSimple’s material in models such our Angelina Slip-On, Joey Sneaker, and Marshall Boot

Linha Wave

Ciclo reciclagem

"We use leftovers and trimmings of fabrics from other textile productions that would otherwise go to waste. This material is collected and sent cooperatives, where they are separated by color and composition. In the factory, the fabrics are combined with fibers from recycled PET bottles and come back to their natural state" (says Claudio Rocha, managing director of EcoSimple)