Our inspirers and defenders
of the animal cause

Did you know that Ahimsa has a team of ambassadors who defend causes common to our brand?

In addition to having the support of our customers, we also have ambassadors who work alongside us, defending causes in which Ahimsa believes: veganism, sustainability, social justice, among others.

For us, this team is very important to reinforce our message, while also allowing it to reach further, taking it to more people, from different locations and with different habits.

With their partnership, alongside our own efforts, we can make a bigger contribution to increasing awareness about animal cruelty and environmental issues.

Meet our ambassadors:

Bruna MatosBruna Matos @brunacmts

Bruna speaks about veganism, simple life, animal protection and volunteer work in her social networks. She is also the creator of the podcast “Vida simples e outras coisas” where she talks about self-knowledge.

Denise SaitoDenise Saito @denisesaito

Denise is from São Paulo, Sagittarius and creative director. She became vegan in 2015 motivated by her social-environmental values, health and well-being. She had her first vegan recipe blog in the year of her transition and today she has returned to producing content about this lifestyle.


Gabi has been vegan for 3 years and vegetarian for 8 years before that. She made this decision focusing on social-environmental causes and, with each passing day, she sees that she has made the right choice. She’s a super active person who loves to play sports! One of the big taboos that she breaks daily on her Instagram is that vegans are “weak” or “malnourished”. In addition, she also breaks misconceptions about different areas of consumption, such as fashion, beauty and cosmetics.


Kaena is from São Paulo, a pisces and has recently graduated from university where she studied filmmaking. She became vegan in 2015, firstly for her health and then joined the animal cause, which is why she remains vegan until today, working as a content producer focused on showing veganism in its simplest form.


Laís is 26 years old and is currently in school for Fashion Design. She is proudly from Fortaleza, loves her city and her roots. On her Instagram, she shares a bit of her routine, lifestyle, food, makeup, products that she consumes, and other topics such as fashion, television series and movies.


Laura is a postgraduate doctor in Nutrology. She has been vegan since 2015, currently working in promoting preventive medicine with a focus on dietary changes and healthy habits. On Instagram, she shares her healthy lifestyle, vegan recipes and information about the universe of health and veganism.


Marina is 24 years old, 8 of which as a vegetarian. She has always been passionate about animals, nature and, as she grew up, she adapted her lifestyle to this love and growing desire to help them. Today she is in the process of transitioning to veganism and is very happy to be on that path.


Maysa is a biologist who graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo. She is an environmentalist, diver and works as an environmental educator. She dedicates herself to the causes of conservation of the environment in NGOs that rescue wild fauna, both in Brazil and in South Africa. For years, she has been traveling the world to discover the different ecosystems and to promote ecotourism with a focus on Conservation Tourism as a great ally in protecting the environment.


Raoni is Medulla's (a brazilian rock band) vocalist, in addition to also being a creative director and art director. He is very spiritual and, recently, in his quest for self-knowledge, has made him realize the importance of taking care of his body. He started with daily workouts, tried to regulate his sleep, reduced his meat consumption and is now a vegetarian.


Renata is a very hungry girl, but not just for food. Addicted to food for the belly and for the soul. Traveling, books, skincare, and small pleasures like a good breakfast are what make her happy. What matters is to live and let live. Living a cruelty-free life and showing people how liberating it is.


Rodrigo is a postgraduate Gastrologist specializing in healthy and functional food, with a focus on veganism. He’s been vegan since 2020. Promoting conscious, intuitive, accessible and uncomplicated eating. He uses his social networks to casually and professionally apply these concepts in our routines in direct and simple communication with tips, suggestions and examples. He also expands his forays into sports, travel and socializing.


Sandreane is from Ceará and now lives in São Paulo. Having graduated in aesthetics and fashion design, she has been vegan and an activist for social-environmental causes. She has been a digital influencer for over 10 years, creating content about sustainability and conscious consumption.

Join this team and spread our message! Go Vegan